Syngenera is a natural capital asset manager with a focus on corporate buyers of ecosystem products & services aligned with the sustainable development goals and a low-carbon economy

Through the acquisition and management of forest concessions in Southeast Asia, Syngenera promotes the conservation of standing forests, cultivation of sustainable biomass and innovation with corporate customers and local communities to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Syngenera is an enterprise which is committed to raising the standard of living and promoting entrepreneurship within a commercial, value-adding framework. We develop and implement using proven sustainable forest conservation & reforestation efforts that monetize tropical, bio diverse regions that are threatened from extinction. Syngenera has identified a significant “land bank” of eligible forest land. There are three basic tenants to the development philosophy of the projects:

  • Maximize conservation area and associated revenue
  • Develop new and value added agroforestry products and services that improve the economic prospects of the local community
  • Establish new supply and logistics routes and infrastructure to open up markets and promote regional trade

Syngenera has been operating in Southeast Asia since 2012 and has identified a number of rainforest concessions. The company is now prepared for the next development phase of these concessions. Syngenera is establishing several REDD+ Forest Investment vehicles that will develop the concessions with a targeted cumulative area of over 1,000,000 acres and provide sustainable products and services for the global aviation industry. The products and services generated from Syngenera’s concessions consist of Forest Carbon Offsets (FCO), Sustainable Alternative Fuel Feedstock (SAFF), and Non-Wood Forest Biotrade (NWFB).

Our Focus: Syngenera’s current pipeline is focused on Southeast Asia, with beta concessions in Indonesia and Myanmar.

Our Values:  Syngenera’s measures its success by the Ha of natural capital under management, total tons of CO2e mitigation, total tons of sustainably certified biomass delivered to customers, total people elevated out of poverty.

Our Goals:

#1  By 2025 Syngenera will sequester 5M tons of CO2e per year from our managed natural capital concessions.

#2 By 2025 Syngenera will annually product 1M tons of sustainable biomass.